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Panasonic cartridges we accept

Welcome to the new browser, as this is a new feature we are uploading new pictures and updating old ones so we ask you to patient this will take a month to complete. We now have search bar on the top of the page. Thank you.

(Please note the following pictures are for original cartridges unless otherwise specified)

If you wish you can download the complete list (PDF file) 


Panafax UG-3221 for Panafax UF-4100 / UF-490

Panafax UG-3221 Panafax UF-4100 / UF-490

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Panafax UG-3380 for Panafax DX-600/UF-580/UF-585/UF-590/UF-595/UF-6100/UF-6300

Panafax UG-3380 Panafax DX-600/UF-580/UF-585/UF-590/UF-595/UF-6100/UF-6300

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Panafax UG-5545 for Panafax UF7100 / UF8100

Panafax UG-5545 Panafax UF7100 / UF8100

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