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As an individual you can enjoy the benefits of earning additional money by recycling your laserjet and inkjet cartridges. If you are able to add to your items by recycling other peoples or organisations cartridges this can help you to raise funds. You will need a minimum of 15 items of value PER COLLECTION to request a collection ( please see our shipping page for details). We also pay high prices for any unused / surplus items such as inkjet, laserjet cartridges, drum units, fuser units and transfer belts.
If you have only have empty ink jet cartridges for recycling, we have an alternative collection program for these items. This scheme does not involve the collection of laserjet cartridges. Please make us aware if this is the case and we will put you on to that specific scheme.

Payment for cartridges:

Upon receipt of your empty cartridges, our warehouse staff will process the goods (each cartridge is individually inspected to determine whether or not the cartridge will print once recycled) and a report will be raised for the total amount of acceptable empty cartridges you have returned. You will receive a a purchase order for the collection. Payment will be made once you accrue a balance of £25. You will normally receive payment approx 21 to 30 days of us receiving your empty cartridges.

Once the account is activated and you login you will then have access to the cartridge price list. After the first collection you can view your account and breakdowns of the items received with monetary values by logging in at onto your home page.

Please note that we do not just visually inspect inkjet cartridges, we are one of the only companies that uses the CBR ST200 tester. This enables us to give you a true evaluation as to whether your cartridge is working or non-working. Most companies only visually inspect, if this is the case your cartridge may be seen to be faulty and classed as a reject when it is actually electrically sound.

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