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Collecting and recycling used printer ink cartridges is an excellent way of supporting any charity you may be professionally or personally affiliated with. We pay you for every cartridge you collect from our published list!

The extra income you can acquire through ink cartridge recycling can help charities with:

  • Staffing and staff training
  • New equipment
  • Awareness campaigns

Charity collections are free!

The scheme is completely free of charge and 100% of the value of all items successfully recycled will be donated to your chosen charity.

Payments to Charities:

Upon receipt of your donated empty cartridges our warehouse staff will process the goods. Each cartridge is individually inspected to determine whether or not the cartridge will print once recycled. A report will then be emailed to you showing the total amount of acceptable empty cartridges in your collection. Funds raised will be paid to your chosen charity at the end of the month following the collection.

We pay top prices for Inkjet Cartridges.

Please note that we do not just visually inspect inkjet cartridges, we are one of the only companies that uses the CBR ST200 tester. This means that whether your cartridge remains fully functional or not, we will reimburse you to the full market value. As most companies only visually inspect cartridges, they may often class them as rejects when they in fact remain fully operational.

Please contact us for more information on how recycling can support your charity's cause.

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