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Any individual who uses a printer can earn some extra cash simply by recycling their empty inkjet cartridges.

Simply register with us today and once you have a minimum of 25 items (laser-toner cartridges or a mixed collection of laser-toner and inkjet cartridge) or more contact us to to request  a FREE of charge collection (please see our shipping page for full details). If you ONLY have INKJET CARTRIDGES  please go to: by using this scheme you only need a minimum of £5 (which can be as little as 2 inkjet cartridges) in total value which can be sent via our freepost system. 

We also pay high prices for any unused / surplus items such as Inkjet, laser cartridges, drum units.

Payment for empty Inkjet cartridges:

Once we have received your empty cartridges, our experts will process the collection and raise a report for the total number of acceptable (reusable) empty cartridges you have provided. You will receive a purchase order for the collection, and once you have accrued a £25 or more balance, please login and request payment. Please allow for approximately 30 days after our receipt of your empty cartridges for payment to be confirmed. From January 2017 we are no longer paying by cheque only by bank transfer or PayPal.

Register or log in for further services

Once the account is activated and you login you will then have access to the cartridge price list. After the first collection you can view your account and breakdowns of the items received and their value.

Please note that we do not rely solely upon visual inspection of your Inkjet cartridges, when determining their true value. As one of very few companies that utilities the CBR ST200 tester, we will always give you an accurate evaluation of your cartridges’ working order. Most companies only visually inspect, if this is the case your cartridge may be seen to be faulty and classed as a reject when it is actually electrically sound.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about our ink cartridge recycling service.

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