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Recycle your Businesses Inkjet Cartridges

Companies and commercial enterprises of all sizes tend to get through a large number of printer cartridges in the course of their business.  Both the initial outlay and the subsequent waste disposal costs can quickly escalate.

Collecting and recycling your companies used inkjet cartridges, mobile phones and unused surplus will save you money on waste disposal and the costs of replacement cartridges. It will also help your company fulfill its Duty of Care Obligations as PrinterCartridge Recycling Ltd is a registered waste carrier.

Businesses extensive usage of printer cartridges makes recycling by individual companies a vital element in environmental protection. During the past decade millions of inkjet cartridges were consumed across the UK- many of these will have been used by businesses like yours.

Empty inkjet cartridges, moblie phones and unused surplus can have a value which we will pay either directly to you, or make a charity donation on your behalf. We help support a broad range of UK charities or we can make the donation to the charity of your choice. 

We have made it a quick and simple process to register and arrange collections which should not be time consuming for you. After account activation has been confirmed, you will be able to log in. This will grant you access to the full cartridge price list. To arrange a collection you will need a minimum of 40 items from the list. Once your initial collection has been made, you will be able to see a complete break-down of the items received, with their corresponding monetary values, by logging into your home page.

Payment for inkjet cartridges:

Please Note: Once, your account has a balance of £15 or more our automated payment system will make payment within 48hrs. 

Our warehouse staff inspects each cartridge to determine whether or not the cartridge will print once recycled. A report will be raised for the total quantity of reusable empty cartridges you have recycled.

Remember that we are one of the few companies that uses the CBR ST200 tester – we do not merely inspect inkjet cartridges visually. This enables us to give you a true evaluation as to whether your cartridge is working or non-working. Most companies only visually inspect, if this is the case your cartridge may be rejected when it is still perfectly re-usable.

For more information on how responsibly disposing of your used printer cartridges can benefit your business and the environment, or to arrange a collection, please contact us.

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