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Donate to NI Charity

 An increasing number of charities in Northern Ireland are gaining financial support from our Charity Recycling initiative. We acknowledge the fantastic work that charities do, and the positive difference they make across our society. We are delighted to provide a free recycling and fund raising service to all such organisations across Northern Ireland.

We can recycle a wide range of small Inkjet cartridges, mobile phone and unused cartridges for your charity. Once you have registered your details with us you can download the complete list showing all the cartridges we are able to recycle.

We will also pay for any unwanted extras that you or donating businesses may accumulate, offering highly competitive prices for unused or surplus printing consumables. This includes inkjet, drums and toner cartridges.

Encourage others to support your cause

We encourage Charities to involve as many businesses, individuals and other parties as possible in the cartridge recycling process . The larger the collection programme  the greater the rewards for your charity. By recycling empty cartridges not only will you be helping raise funds, you will be helping improve our environment at the same time.

Payment for cartridges:

When we receive your collection, our dedicated team will inspect each cartridge to establish if it will print once recycled. We always reward you with higher rates for those which are reusable. The total amount of acceptable empty cartridges you have returned will be detailed in a collection report. A payment will be made at the end of the month following the collection provided you accrued a balance of £25. If you have not reached the threshold for payment after the first collection the balance will remain on your account and will be rolled over onto your next collection .

Maximising value

Unlike many cartridge recycling companies, we do not simply visually inspect inkjet cartridges – we are able to give you a true evaluation of your cartridge’s working order. Visual inspection is the only main resource of the majority of cartridge recycling organisations, meaning that electrically sound cartridges may be classed as faulty and rejected. With our specialist CBR ST200 tester, which very few companies have, we guarantee to pay you the exact value of your collection.

If you are involved with charity fund raising, or simply wish to donate to a particular charity please do not hesitate to contact us . For information on how we can help you organise your charity recycling scheme:  Telephone 0333 323 7677

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