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PrinterCartridge Recycling Ltd
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Shipping Information

In order to maximise the returns on items you collect, please note the following guidelines:

You will need a minimum of,

25 or more valued items for all areas (mainland UK including Northern Ireland).

  • We will accept most laser toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, most drum units and surplus/unused items as listed on our current published price list. The types of product and values can vary slightly on a month-to-month basis.
  • We would like you to note the following cartridges in particular we are unable to accept: All Lexmark and Xerox compatibles versions of Hewlett Packard and Canon cartridges.
  • Most printer fusers, ribbons, Drums, photocopier bottles, transfer belts, Maintenance Kits and bottles or tanks.
  • We do not pay for remanufactured cartridges containing aftermarket casing or new build cartridges.
  • IMPORTANT - WASTE we can only collect/purchase originally manufactured cartridges (OEM) there is no value for refilled cartridges, (unless otherwise listed). and due to a huge increase in compatible/clone or counterfeit cartridges and we cannot currently recycle toner bottles, photocopier bottles, tanks, tubes and ribbon cartridges, if you include more than 20%  within the collection, unfortunately you will not earn any rebate for the whole collection. If the collection has 50% or more we will invoice you or deduct from the balance on your account. This covers the cost to have the waste shredded. This means we are able to be 100% landfill free so nothing goes into the ground. Accounts will be monitored and if high levels of waste items are found to be continually sent back then we will close the account
  • If in doubt please refer to current price list or call 0333 323 7677 for advice.
  • Payment will be made once you have accrued a balance of £25 or more. Please login and request payment.
  • All laser / inkjet cartridges received are subject to examination. Please note that we do not just visually inspect inkjet cartridges, we are one of the only companies that uses a CBR ST200 tester. This enables us to give you a true evaluation as to whether your cartridge is working or non-working. Most companies only visually inspect, if this is the case your cartridge may be seen to be faulty and classed as a reject when it is actually electrically sound.
  • IMPORTANT - FAILED COLLECTION. failed collections are on the increase, so please ensure you let someone else know we are coming to collect or cancel the collection the day before. We reserve the right recover the collection cost. Please see the TCs for further info.
  • If we advise that a courier will be collecting your consignment you will be able to choose the day that they come. Labels will be provided for your boxes by the driver to enable us to identify your goods. This service is provided free of charge.
  • Inkjet cartridges need to be kept separate within your consignment to reduce damage or contamination. They will need to be in a separate box from the laser cartridges and then placed into your method of storing them.

Methods of Shipping:

The following size restrictions ONLY apply to collections by couriers, all other collection methods have no restrictions.

Parcel/Package – any single item weighing up to 25 Kgs in weight, and with measurements of not more than 1.0 metre long, 0.60 metres wide and 0.70 metres high or which has a girth (length + height + width) of not more than 2.3 metres. Anything larger or heavier will incur a freight surcharge which we will unfortunately have no choice but pass on.

Collection Boxes

PrinterCartridge Recycling Ltd encourages you to re-use old boxes as this is more environmentally friendly. Empty laser cartridges should be placed in the plastic bag that the new cartridge was stored in and carefully placed in a larger box. This will help to minimise damage whilst in transit. Inkjet cartridges need to be protected and packed tightly when placed in the box as these items are particularly delicate. Any unused/surplus items can be placed in the box. Please ensure these unused items are left in there original packaging as the prices we pay are reflected in the condition of the product and packaging. Please see price list for details. Your box must be sealed securely with strong 'box sealing' tape when ready for collection and your account number needs to be written clearly on the box. When your collection reaches the minimum required or more PER COLLECTION login and request a free collection.




Alternatively you can place 2 or 3 cartridges in the original box (minus the internal packaging) and when you have done that, place them together in bundles as shown. When your collection reaches the minimum required or more PER COLLECTION login and request a free collection




Pallet Collection

If you have a higher quantity of cartridges which totals 75 cartridges of value or more, then we can easily collect your cartridges on pallets, which help reduce your cost of waste disposal and help you meet your Duty of Care requirements.

Cartridges should ideally be stacked on the pallets two per original box and then the whole pallet shrink-wrapped to avoid any damage to the cartridges in transit. Any unused/surplus items can be placed on the pallet. Please ensure these items are left in there original packaging as the prices we pay are reflected in the condition of the product. Please see price list for details.For ease of identification, could we please ask you to label your pallet with your address and contact details.



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