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Collecting and recycling used small printer inkjet cartridges, mobile phones and surplus unused cartridges is an excellent way of supporting your school. We pay for every item collected by you or on behalf of your school from our list.  The scheme can be promoted to any of your supporters / supporting businesses and they can donate their items through your bespoke school page on our website. This is a great way to raise funds and get your supporters directly involved in helping you achieve your aims.

We have made the process quick and easy to follow which enables all supporters access to it. Once, your bespoke page is active on our website you or your supporters can arrange to send items in and all proceeds will be added to your account. They will have full access to this page and by clicking on it they do not need to register, they will be able to arrange collections and it will all go directly through your account. The only requirement we have is the minimum of 40 items from our list (this can be a mixture of inkjets, mobile phones and surplus unused cartridges) to be able to arrange a collection. Your account number will be attached to all collections so that we can identify all items sent in that need adding to your balance.

Starting the scheme could not be easier, you will need to register on the website: or contact us directly before registering

We are happy to help you through the whole process including registering, promotion to supporters and creating your bespoke customised page on our website. Please go to: to see an example of a page. We can provide you with fundraising templates including posters and leaflets. These can either be generic or tailored to the school.

The extra income you can acquire through ink cartridge recycling can help schools with:

  • Staffing and staff training
  • New equipment
  • Awareness campaigns

School collections are free!

The scheme is completely free of charge and 100% of the value of all items successfully recycled will be donated to your chosen school.

Free Collection boxes

We can provide free collection boxes for any schools or charities who would like to provide a drop off point. These can be placed in the school reception.  If this is something you would be interested in please contact us and we can provide dimensions, pictures and answer any questions you may have.

Payments to schools:

Upon receipt of any donated empty cartridges our warehouse staff will process the goods. Each cartridge is individually inspected to determine whether the cartridge will print once recycled. A report will then be emailed to you showing the total amount of funds raised through the collection scheme. 

Please Note: Once, your account has a balance of £15 or more our automated payment system will make payment within 48hrs.

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