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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What empty Inkjet and Laser cartridges do you collect?

Our monthly price list outlines the cartridges / mobile phones we can collect and what value they have. This can be accessed through the Website once you have registered and login to the member area. Alternatively we can email you a price list if you wish to know particular values before you register. To enable us to send you the correct price list we will need to know what type of organisation you are from e.g. a school / charity / business / individual etc.

2. Can you provide a free collection service?

Yes, we do require a minimum requirement of 25 items of value to qualify for a free collection.

3. How do I arrange a collection?

This can be arranged over the phone or you can request a collection via the Website (this is our preferred method). You will need your user ID number and password to login. Once a collection has been arranged you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that it has been logged. Please ensure that if you are unable to be there when we collect, that you make another member of staff aware that we are coming.

4. What is the best way to pack the cartridges / mobile phones?

Please check out our " shipping page" there you will find detailed advice on how best to pack your cartridges.

5. What does OEM/REM/Refilled/Compatible mean on your price list?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
An original cartridge is a brand new cartridge manufactured by the same brand that made your printer. So an original cartridge for a HP printer is manufactured by HP.
Another name for an original cartridge.
This is a brand new cartridge made by a third-party manufacturer. They have no affiliation with the original manufacturers of the printer, and the cartridges have not been used before. These compatibles usually infringe the copyright so can cause legal issues.
These are original cartridges which have been used once, returned, cleaned and refilled. Typically ink cartridges are refilled.
These are original cartridges which have been used once, returned, cleaned, all working parts replaced and then refilled. These are typically toner cartridges, with the parts of toner that experience wear during the printer process being replaced.

6. What can you do if I can not reach the minimum requirement of 25 items?

If you only have the small Inkjet cartridges please go to If you have laser - toner or a mixed collection (laser-toner and inkjet cartridges) please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

7. What happens once a collection takes place?

We book all the items in at our warehouse and payment at the end of the next month following the collection. We pay by BACS or PayPal or cheque, these details are taken when you register. During 2017 we will be phasing out paying by cheque to some categories ie: Individual (Not a Business). We can only make payment on collections that contain 25 items of value. If you fail to reach the £25 but did have 25 items of value then the total on your account is kept and rolled over to be added to the next collection. When you reach the £25 net or more please login and request a payment.

8. How do I see a price list?

To view our current price list you will need to register with us and log in to the members area.

9. Why are some items of no value?

There are various reasons that a cartridge will have no value, they are:

  • The item is damaged
  • It has no value on our current price list
  • The collection has not met our minimum requirements
  • An inkjet cartridge may fail electrically when tested.

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