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Sandfield Park


Sandfield Park School Parents and Friends Association

 Our Mission statement is:

“ To develop an effective partnership by promoting parent involvement and enhancing school communication and supporting teachers and staff.

To organise fun social opportunities for our children and families. Whilst raising funds to support our children’s education. Therefore supporting the school with specific projects”

To find our more information about the school please click on our logo above. 


In partnership with PrinterCartridge Recycling Ltd a leading recycling company, we have developed a scheme to turn your empty inkjet cartridges, mobile phones and surplus unused cartridges into valuable funds to help continue our work.

If you would like to help raise funds for Sandfield Park whilst at the same time reducing the amount of waste consigned to landfill please chose one of the two options below:

Recycling in larger volumes

If you are a business or organisation who will have 40 or more items in your collections please register with this website to arrange your FREE collections. Your 40 items can be a mixture of empty small inkjet cartridges, mobile phones and any unused surplus cartridges. All proceeds go to Sandfield Park - to register please go to: and click on the business button. 

If you are an individual or have a smaller collection of small empty inkjet cartridges please click on the button below and we will ensure that your items are recycled on behalf of your chosen charity / school. 

Once, you click the button below you will be redirected to our sister site for your chosen charity / school.

This is to enable us to know the items you are sending in and provide a 100% FREE service to donate your items - all proceeds will go to the charity.

****** Please note we do not take back any large Toner/Laser cartridges******y large Toner/Laser cartridges******


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